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Council of Nordic Trade Unions

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What we are

The Council of Nordic Trade Unions (NFS) is an organisation for cooperation between national trade union confederations in the Nordic region.  Our mission is to foster close cooperation between our member organisations and promote the interests of trade union members through exchanging experiences, lobbying and cooperation to reach shared goals.  We have 15 affiliated organisations and represent over 8.5 million organised workers throughout the Nordic region.

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What we do

Our priorities are focused on four main areas: The Nordic region, the Baltic Sea region, Europe and Globally. Priorities that span all of these areas include safeguarding the Nordic collective bargaining model, ensuring job security and stability on the labour market, and ensuring a fair distribution of shared social resources both nationally and internationally. Trade union rights and human rights form the basis for our mission and all our work.

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What we think

Our policies are based on shared Nordic interests, and are developed and promoted in cooperation with our member organisations. We adopt a broad perspective on the challenges of working life, based on our members' shared interests.  Our mission is to act as a platform for cooperation and coordination between our members within the different international trade union organisations. We also coordinate nominations of Nordic representatives to international trade union bodies. We have an independent political mandate for our work in different Nordic arenas such as the Nordic Council and the Nordic Council of Ministers, whilst we in other areas coordinate and serve as a platform for the joint work and aspirations of our members.

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Who we are

NFS consists of 15 affiliated organisations from all the Nordic countries and autonomous regions.  We represent over 8,5 million organised workers in the Nordic region, spanning from Finland in the east to Greenland in the west. Our secretariat is based in Stockholm.

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Our secretariat is centrally located in Stockholm at Linnégatan 14.

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Member Organisations

NFS consists of 15 affiliated organisations and represents over 8.5 million organised workers throughout the Nordic region. This makes us the largest social movement in the Nordic region. Our affiliates are the national trade union confederations of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden as well as the confederations of the Faroe Islands and Greenland. These affiliated organisations are the blue and white collar confederations, and professional and academic organisations. 

Member organisations