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NFS stands in solidarity with CGIL

Letter of solidarity with CGIL Italy

The Nordic Council of Trade Unions - NFS, which represents 15 national Trade Union Confederations and through them more than 8,5 million members in the Nordic region, wants to express our deepest solidarity and support to CGIL.  

We denounce the attacks carried out by right-wing extremists and No-Vax demonstrators during the No green-pass demonstration this weekend in Rome, and stand in solidarity with you, our fellow trade unionists.  

The Trade Union Movement stands for human equality, solidarity and peace, cornerstones of democracy. The attack on CGIL is a direct attack on these values and the very basis of our democratic societies. It is totally unacceptable, and we strongly condemn it.  

We stand together with you in your trying time in the fight for democracy, peace, social rights, as well as decent jobs and living conditions for all. 

United we stand.  

In solidarity,

Antti Palola President NFS and Finnish STTK 
Magnus Gissler General Secretary NFS 

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