Joint Nordic Statement on the FNPR support for the Russian aggression in Ukraine

The Nordic countries have sent a statement to the General Secretary Sharan Burrow, ITUC and General Secretary Luca Visentini, PERC in regards to FNPR support of the Russian invasion in Ukraine.

Statement in full sent march 4th 2022.

The Nordic Council of Trade Unions - NFS, representing 15 national Trade Union Confederations and through them more than 8.5 million members in the Nordic region, stands in solidarity with Ukraine. The Russian invasion is a gross violation of international law and has led to a humanitarian crisis where lives are being lost and people are forced to flee their homes. NFS strongly condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine and demands an immediate stop to the Russian aggression and withdrawal of Russian forces.
The Russian invasion demands solidarity within the International Trade Union Movement, in support of international law and human rights and rooted in the movement’s long-standing tradition of working towards peace. Yet, the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia, FNPR, has supported the invasion of Ukraine citing government propaganda. This cannot go unnoticed by the International Trade Union Movement. We in the NFS react strongly and condemn the statement given by the FNPR. We ask the FNPR to reconsider in the spirit of solidarity and peace.
The 13 NFS organisations, also affiliated to the ITUC, believes the statement from FNPR is incompatible with the ITUC constitution which explicitly rejects the recourse to war to resolve conflicts. The Nordic trade union movement calls upon FNPR to withdraw its statement and their support for the invasion. Otherwise, the ITUC General Council has, in our view, no other option but considering the suspension of the FNPR from the International Trade Union Confederation, in accordance with ITUC constitution.
We also request an extra ordinary General Council Meeting to deal with this issue as soon as possible.
We stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people,

Peggy Hessen Følsvik, President NFS and LO Norway
Lizette Risgaard, President FH Denmark
Lisbeth Lintz, President Akademikerne Denmark
Jarkko Eloranta, President SAK
Finland Antti Palola, President STTK, Finland
Drífa Snædal, President, ASÍ Iceland
Sonja Ýr Þorbergsdóttir, President BSRB Iceland
Friðrik Jónsson, President BHM Iceland
Ragnhild Lied, President Unio Norway
Erik Kollerud, President YS Norway
Susanna Gideonsson, President LO Sweden
Therese Svanström, President TCO Sweden
Göran Arrius, President Saco Sweden
Magnus Gissler, General Secretary NFS

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