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The need for skills and knowledge is increasing at the rate with which our societies are transitioning. This transition is a result of the mega-trends driving developments in terms of the future of work. The pace of change risks excluding individuals from working life unless skills levels develop in line with new requirements,  which would make the Nordic region less competitive and equal. Better knowledge and skills are also prerequisites for a successful green transition.

We feel our societies need to invest in education and lifelong learning. The starting point must be universal access to education for our children and young people, for those who have lost their jobs and for those already on the job market. In order to develop skills throughout our working lives, as adults, we need lifelong learning and continuous training worthy of that name. This education must be based on the relevant research, which in turn requires public investment in research and innovative activities all over the Nordic region.

The Nordics need a high level of ambition when it comes to education, research, skills development and educational financing, in order to achieve the vision of the Nordic prime ministers: that the Nordic region be the most sustainable and integrated one globally.