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Council of Nordic Trade Unions

The Council of Nordic Trade Unions (NFS) is an organisation for trade union cooperation between national trade union confederations in the Nordic region. The basic principles underpinning our activities are sustainability as well as human and trade union rights.

Our task consists of ensuring close cooperation between our member organisations and promoting the interests of trade union members through exchanging experiences, lobbying and cooperation to reach shared goals. The NFS has 15 affiliated organisations and through them represents over 8.5 million organised workers throughout the Nordic region.

Leadership and organisation

The presidency of the NFS rotates, following the order of rotation of the presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers. The NFS Executive Committee consists of 26 members. A Steering Committee is elected from the Executive Committee, consisting of five members and including our President and Vice President. The Executive Committee meets twice a year.

The Congress takes place once every three or four years to discuss strategic priorities and the focus of our activities.

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Member organisations

The NFS has 15 affiliated organisations who altogether represent over 8.5 million wage-earners. This makes us the largest public movement in the Nordic region. Our affiliates are the national trade union confederations of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.  Additionally, the confederations of the Faroe Islands and Greenland are also members. These affiliated organisations are the national confederations, white collar worker confederations and confederations of professional and academic organisations.

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Our task consists of facilitating and fostering close cooperation between our member organisations - in the Nordics, Europe and Globally. We promote cooperation focused on shared goals and trade union interests through exchanging experiences, advocacy and collaboration.

Our motto is: "For a sustainable, competitive Nordic region"

Our overarching ambition is a sustainable working life, sustainable welfare and education systems and sustainable growth and competitiveness. The focus of our work is the Nordic model and labour mobility.

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