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Leadership and organisation


The presidency of the NFS rotates, following the order of rotation of the presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Executive Committee

Our highest decision-making body is the Executive Committee, which is made up of leaders of our affiliated organisations. The Executive Committee, consisting of 26 representatives from all our member organisations, meets at least twice per year. Affiliated organisations with fewer than 50,000 members are represented by one Executive Committee member, and those with over 50,000 members have two representatives on the Committee.

If required, additional meetings are held for exchanges between the presidents of our affiliated organisations.

Steering Committee

Our Steering Committee is made up of five members, including the President and Vice President, with one member from each Nordic country. The main task of the Steering Committee is to prepare the Executive Committee meetings.

These are the members of the Executive Committee that make up the Steering Committee for the year 2023:

Therese Svanström, TCO Sweden (President) 
Lisbeth Lintz, Akademikerne Denmark (Vice President) 
Antti Palola, STTK Finland
Finnbjörn A. Hermannsson, ASÍ Iceland
Peggy Hessen Følsvik, LO Norway


Our congress takes place every three to four years. The Congress is not a decision-making forum, however it is important in terms of giving us a strategic and political steer through debates, discussions and exchanges of experiences. Our Congress usually brings together over 100 participants.

The Strategy Group

The Strategy Group consists of representatives from the executive boards and/or international officers from our affiliated organisations. The group discusses topical matters and the direction and priorities of the organisation from a strategic point of view, looking both at the short and long terms, and therefore acts as a support body to the NFS secretariat. The Strategy Group convenes as needed, but at least twice a year, in order to report back and coordinate between our affiliates and NFS.

For any questions about our organisation, please contact our General Secretary Magnus Gissler at