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What we do

The fundamental mission of the NFS is to promote a socially, economically and environmentally sustainable, inclusive and just working life – on the Nordic, European and Global levels. Taking sustainability as our starting point, we focus on safeguarding both trade union rights, as well as working for a reduced environmental footprint and improved resource efficiency.

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The Nordic Region

Our work in the Nordic Region focuses primarily on issues linked in one way or another to the Nordic model and labour mobility. Our commitment is to contribute to developments in the Nordic region favouring workers' interests, all the while contributing to a sustainable society. We achieve this through various forms of cooperation with the Nordic Council of Ministers, the Nordic Council and other Nordic bodies, acting as a legitimate and democratic voice for wage-earners in the Nordic region.

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The Baltic Sea Region

Our work in the Baltic Sea Region constitutes a priority for the Nordic trade union movement as a whole. We are active in various networks and also work bilaterally. Our collaboration with trade union organisations around the Baltic Sea is an important strategic aspect of our work. Solidarity and unity with trade union organisations in countries around the Baltic Sea is important. Cooperation is necessary in order to develop trade union activities and grow our joint forces, as well as to combat downward pressure on wages and a degradation of working conditions throughout the region.

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Our European agenda is focused primarily on promoting Nordic trade union coordination between our member organisations in the context of the European institutions and the ETUC. Key issues on the European agenda include labour market regulation and regulations affecting workers throughout the EU. Education, welfare and climate policy are also included.

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Our work on the global level is aimed primarily at different international organisations. On request of our members we coordinate issues and activities related to the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), the International Labour Organisation (ILO), and the Trade Union Advisory Committee to the OECD (TUAC). We provide political coordination of the work within these organisations on shared issues as well as joint nominations of Nordic trade union candidates.

We are also associated partner to the Global Deal.

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