Brussels street view


Europe and the European institutions are important for us in the Nordic countries. These institutions were created around the concepts of peace, solidarity and cooperation. These are central values for the trade union movement. Other issues of importance for the Nordic trade union agenda on the EU-level are trade- and climate policies, working  environment and social dumping.

In European affairs, our work focuses on promoting coordination and conciliation between our affiliates on common topics concerning the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) and the European institutions, such as the EU, EFTA/EEA. European coordination takes place primarily within our committee for European coordination – the NFS Europe Committee. This committee functions as a platform for collaboration, information exchanges and coordination. It discusses relevant issues from the ETUC's meeting agendas, as well as more general matters and strategic perspectives on the European level that affect our member organisations.

Raising awareness about the Nordic collective bargaining model and its importance for our Nordic societies and regional competitiveness is a priority in our work on the European level. It is important for the Nordic countries that the EU is aware of this and adapts its regulations so that they provide the required flexibility for the social partners to both maintain and develop their position on the labour market.

For any questions about our work in Europe, please contact our policy officer José Pérez Johansson at