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The Baltic Sea Region

We value cooperation with trade union organisations in the Baltic Sea region very highly. Solidarity and cohesion with trade union organisations in these countries is of particular importance. Cooperation and mutual support are crucial tools in combating downward pressure on salaries and the degradation of working conditions in the area, also known as social dumping or social fraud.

The Baltic Sea Trade Union Network (BASTUN) is our main channel for cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region. BASTUN is a network for national trade union confederations from all the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea: Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden in the Nordic region, the Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), and Poland, Russia and Germany. Our secretariat coordinates the BASTUN.

The Baltic Sea Labour Forum  (BSLF) is a platform for social dialogue between the social partners in the Baltic Sea Region. It works to promote sustainable economic growth and social development in the region. Both NFS and BASTUN are observers in the BSLF and many of our affiliate organisations are also members of the forum. The BSLF is coordinated by the Council of Baltic Sea States (CBSS), a forum for intergovernmental cooperation in the Baltic Sea region. We are in regular contact with the CBSS and BSLF secretariats and cooperate on relevant matters in the region.

We have a Baltic Sea fund. The purpose of the fund is to strengthen trade union influence and trade union rights in the Baltic Sea Region, and to facilitate and develop labour mobility in the region. All BASTUN member organisations, and their affiliates in turn, can apply for project funding from this fund up to a maximum of 10,000 euros per application. 

For any questions about our work in the Baltic Sea region, please contact our policy officer Jenny Tabermann at jenny@nfs.net.