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We coordinate Nordic cooperation on the global stage in relation to a number of different international trade union organisations. We are a platform for cooperation and coordination between our affiliated organisations, particularly ahead of congresses and by nominating joint Nordic candidates to international trade union positions. Our global cooperation focuses especially on matters concerning solidarity, trade union and human rights, economic justice and gender equality.

The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) is the global voice of workers. The primary task of this organisation is to promote and defend workers' rights and interests through world-wide trade union cooperation, campaigning and monitoring of workers' interests within the key global institutions. The ITUC consists of five regional organisations, and our affiliated organisations belong to the Pan-European Regional Council (PERC).

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) is a UN agency devoted to matters of employment and the world of work. The ILO drafts, adopts and monitors conventions that guide and regulate the conditions of work at the global level. The Nordic countries have ratified the ILO conventions to different extents. All the Nordic countries have ratified all the fundamental conventions that cover matters such as slavery, child labour, discrimination and, importantly, freedom of association. These are referred to as the ILO's core conventions, of which there are eight. The ILO bases its work on cooperation between workers, employers and governments. Therefore, you could consider the ILO structure a reflection of the Nordic tripartite Model.

Workers are represented mainly by the Bureau for Workers' Activities (ACTRAV). ACTRAV's works to ensure that the voice of workers is heard when discussing policy and other activities. ACTRAV is made up of specialists in the trade union field, representing different regions around the world. The Bureau has offices around the world, in order to cooperate and coordinate with workers' organisations and the different ILO structures in its efforts to achieve social justice and decent work. We coordinate, among other things, nominations of Nordic representatives to the ILO Governing Body.

The Trade Union Advisory Committee (TUAC) is the trade union advisory body of the OECD. The TUAC has consultative status within the OECD, and represents and coordinates the trade union movement and its views at ministerial meetings, in committees and in working groups. The political lobbying work of TUAC aims to create shared prosperity within and between countries, by among other things highlighting the positive effects of trade union organising and collective bargaining agreements on growth. Access to discussions taking place within the OECD ensures that the TUAC is able to react quickly to upcoming global political challenges.

The Global Deal is an initiative that strives to ensure that the benefits and profits produced by globalisation are enjoyed by more people. One important corner stone in achieving this is social dialogue. Nordic experiences and the Nordic model demonstrate that well functioning relations on the labour market contribute to decent work, increased gender equality and inclusive economic development. This benefits workers, businesses and society as a whole.

We are an associated partner to the Global Deal and are working to get more of our affiliated organisations to join as well. You can read more on our views on global deal here.

For any questions about our work worldwide, please contact our General Secretary Magnus Gissler at