ITUC 5th world congress

The 5th ITUC World Congress is now over. The Congress was held from 17 to 22 November in Melbourne.

The congress has discussed and adopted a congress statement focusing on a new social contract, including climate change, green transition, and gender equality.
The Congress has also adopted three statements concerning the fight against right-wing extremism in the world, support for protesters in Iran and condemnation and actions of regimes, and a statement concerning the war in Ukraine and arrests of trade union leaders in Belarus.
The Congress also elected a new General Secretary, Luca Visentini, former General Secretary of ETUC. The NFS sent a letter of congratulations to the newly elected ITUC General Secretary.
The Nordic countries were represented by over 70 delegates who actively participated in debates and discussions both in plenary sessions and during seminars and panel discussions.

Here you will find the Congress statement " A new Social contract"

Here you will find the ITUC resolutions on combating the far right, Iran, Ukraine and Belarus. 

As well as the NFS congratulations to the new general secretary of the ITUC. 

Emergency resolution combating far right

Emergency resolution Iran

Emergency resolution Russia&Ukraine

NFS congratulations - Luca Visentini ITUC GS

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