Joint Nordic letter

NFS organisations also affiliated to the ITUC, has sent a letter of request to the President of the ITUC Akiko Gono concerning vote of confidence ahead of the ITUC general council March 11th.

To President Akiko Gono, ITUC 

Vote of Confidence on the ITUC General Secretary 

Dear Ms Akiko Gono, 

We the presidents of the undersigning 13 NFS-organisations also affiliated to the ITUC hereby ask that the General Council on March 11th table for the agenda a vote of confidence in the General Secretary Luca Visentini. The ITUC Constitution Article 31 d) states that the General Secretary sits as long as he/she has the confidence of the General Council. We believe the time has come to establish whether Luca Visentini indeed has this confidence. 

Depending on the outcome of this vote, we ask for the General Council to also appoint an acting General Secretary from outside the ranks of current and past ITUC leadership until we have had time to arrange an extraordinary Congress to elect our new leader.  


In solidarity, 

Kristján Þórður Snæbjarnarson, President NFS and ASI Iceland  
Therese Svanström, Vice President NFS and President TCO Sweden  
Lizette Risgaard, President FH Denmark  
Lisbeth Lintz, President Akademikerne Denmark  
Jarkko Eloranta, President SAK Finland  
Antti Palola, President STTK, Finland and ITUC GC Titular member 
Sonja Ýr Þorbergsdóttir, President BSRB Iceland  
Friðrik Jónsson, President BHM Iceland  
Peggy Hessen Følsvik, President LO Norway and ITUC GC Titular member 
Ragnhild Lied, President Unio Norway  
Hans-Erik Skjæggerud, President YS Norway  
Susanna Gideonsson, President LO Sweden  
Göran Arrius, President Saco Sweden and ITUC GC Titular member