Father and daughter on a pier by the water

For us, gender equality is fundamental. Gender equality is a multifaceted issue, which permeates every level and every corner of society and thus the labour market. Matters such as working conditions, working hours, career development, equal pay for equal work, unpaid work in the home and family responsibilities are all fundamental aspects of the discussion on gender equality. Gender equality also has a significant effect on growth and competitiveness, and is therefore relevant from an economic perspective too, both at the level of the individual and of society. This is demonstrated, for instance, in the report "Is the Last Mile the Longest?" by the Nordic Council of Ministers and the OECD. The economic consequences of pay differences in work and during an individual's career are far-reaching, as they affect pensions and life after retirement.

Important partner organisations when it comes to labour market related matters of gender equality, and beyond our affiliates, are the Nordic Council of Ministers for Labour (MR-A), the secretariat of the Nordic Council of Ministers, and Nordic Information on Gender (NIKK).